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This amazing true story about Devara’s life long Journey with ETs and Angels will take you on an adventure to the stars. It is truly magical!!!
Devara and her Mother were transported onboard a spacecraft when she was 4 years old. These benevolent, loving, beings have been in contact with her ever since.   The Angels and Star people have guided Devara with Incredible information and revolutionary ways of healing with Color – Light and Sound.  They have relayed stunning information of who they are and how they have been supporting us thru centuries.  

Devara ThunderBeat is an International multi – award winning musician / composer, author, teacher, speaker, 22 DNA facilitator, certified reiki master and a pioneer in sound healing.


Wow, I ate you book last night, read 165 pages in 5 hours... can wait to read the rest ...too much resonates with me . Lots ! I 'm feeling empowered again and re lifting ! Thank you ! I loved it! I felt so connected to each event and moment...I was a bit skeptic about light or sound healing, not anymore.. reading the book, I felt totally open and felt like all I was reading resonated with me! it pushed me to move forward with myself, I thank you so much for helping me, for your book! It cleared me more than you know, the book is written in such a magical way....that was my experience! thank you! Pauline Sastre San Juan PR


Dear ThunderBeat,
I have spent the last several hours reading your book, not being able to stop until
the end. It was and is amazing, it took me on a journey and I felt I was there with you experiencing the journey. Good job Devara, I am so impressed and I simply loved every word of it. Irene Dregs 5 STARS!!!!


Devara, I loved it.  I couldn't put it down and read it in 2 sessions.  I could relate completely to it.  I can't wait for the sequel after your adventure continues. Love, Mary Rozen WA 5 STARS!!!!


I met Devara ThunderBeat at a book fair where she had her products. I was especially drawn to her energy as a person. We chatted for a bit, and she seemed like a soul sister. I could not wait to read her book, "Look Up." Wow! This is the best spiritual read I have had in years. If you are a Spiritual Seeker, you will absolutely LOVE this book. Devara shares all kinds of inspiring stories about her adventures in life with ETs, Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides and out-body-experiences, and her insights as to what they were about for her (and for us.) We get to see the remarkable gifts that she has carried forward from previous lives into this lifetime. We get to walk in her shadow as she enters into each new situation. I especially like that she is always eager to learn new things, even though she knows so much already. This girl never rests on her laurels. She is forever moving forward, seeking more, doing more, and always responding with gratitude to everything. This is indeed one of the most beautiful and positive books you will ever find. I highly recommend it. "Look Up" is a gem. -
Renee Trenda AZ 5 STARS!!!!!!!!!


Dearest ThunderBeat,
I just finished reading your beautiful book! What a GREAT JOB you have done! Loved the many "Hmmm?" moments....I could just hear your voice saying that! And 'ZaZuMA' an apt affirmation of all that you are up to on your journey.
Your writing has a joyful flow of energy, very informative while highly personal and very engaging. Congratulations for getting that all down in print! -  Alisa Farina Maynard 5 STARS!!!!

Your book will certainly enlighten many readers about the still ongoing battle
Between the Light and the Dark Forces, and how much the Light Forces
care for the well-being of Earth; and beyond. But perhaps most important for the reader will be that, despite the current dark gloom and doom,  your excellent book will give them hope and a reassuring  view  of a brighter and glorious Light-Filled future.  
That is worth more than millions of Dollars,
Hartmut Artist Australia


Okay ThunderBeat,
I have read the first 140 pages and am anxious to read the rest. You have done a great job of interweaving stories about UFOs, music, Egypt and Mayan culture. It is as though I was on your trip with you to all the mysterious places you have been.  ThunderBeat sent me her manuscript to read before her book was published. I was very busy at the time but thought I would read it a little each day. Once I started reading everything else had to wait. I was so curious about what new adventure the next part of her story would bring. This book is fascinating, eye-opening and from the heart, a strong and gifted woman’s odyssey.
Ok Finished it. Wonderful stories and a great ending. It leaves the reader with hope for the future. You are a born story teller. I am honored to know such a gifted person as yourself and love,love,love you and your book. Lots of Love.- Marjorie Muro, president Unity of Sedona


Hi Devara,
Although I have always believed in UFOs/aliens, your story confirms it for me. And those who are not too sure about energy, healings, etc. may help them to 'see beyond the shore.' I find myself paying more attention to the voices of nature now and knowing that there is a reason as to why I hear certain things. Whether one believes in UFOs or not really doesn't matter Devara ThunderBeat will take you on a wonderful adventure to the stars and beyondThere were times when I felt that I was journeying with her especially during her Egyptian experiences.  I found her book to be inspiring and spiritual, and would recommend it to anyone.   ~~  Connie Patterson Canada Author     5 STARS!!!!


Hi ThunderBeat,
I just read Ur newest book. For some reason I was fascinated, which doesn’t happen to me too often. Not that Ur material was too far out or earth-shaking for me, having spent the last three years deeply immersed in the present Shift and its ramifications. But something personal about U triggered such a feeling of warmth that it was amazing.  U must be another one of the Kumaras that Ashtar talked to me about who came to help Sanat Kumara save our Mother Earth and its residents from extinction.
Therefore I wonder if U would be kind enough to give me Ur 22-Strand DNA activation as soon as that can be arranged.  I am pretty much on deck spiritually, but so far have not become telepathic or clairsentient, which I would dearly like to become - like yesterday, so that I can finally freely communicate with Sananda and my twin flame on the New Jerusalem and also many others. If that should require another reading or additional work or whatever, I wish to do that as well.  Please let me know how this sits with U and how it can be arranged. With much Love to U and many Blessings,  - Karl Chen 5 STARS!!!!

I learned about Devara ThunderBeat by chance on a live radio show. I was so impressed by her and the true story she told about her ET encounters that I had to know more. I purchased her book, LOOK UP : My Encounters with ETs & Angels. I also found her page on Facebook and always look forward to her announcements of her next live interview.  I would not miss them for the world! I was intrigued by her radio presentation and discussions about UFOs, past life experiences, and her intuitive adventures. It is very comforting knowing the UFO’s are here to help guide us and not harm us. I like the idea that we should continue to look up for ships in the clouds. Maybe I will spend a nice day doing just that and see what is up there hiding above us. I purchased her book and learned so much about our connection to the pyramids. After reading her book, I also understood some very important connections between God, extraterrestrials, and our purpose on Earth. Some of the information was new to me and presented me new research ideas, and some of it validated encounters I have experienced also. I went to Devara’s website www.ETSand  and YouTube to listen to Devara’s music and fell in love with her tribal CD! Now I am very interested in and focusing on Devara’s Chakra CD, DNA activation CD, and their companion books! I love the connection between colors and music tones, this is so beautiful that words really cannot describe.  You should go to her website and hear a sample of her beautiful music for yourself. Thanks Devara! -Lorinda R. Otto Ed. S Huntsville Alabama


Review by Kevin Burns UFO Digest
Devara ThunderBeat’s book drew me in from the first sentence. Her true story of meeting ETs starting at the age of four, takes the reader on fascinating journeys from Egypt to the Mayan temples. This book chronicles the journey of Devara ThunderBeat and her mission as she moves through her extraordinary life. It is a gripping story; chock full of serendipitous encounters, instances of synchronicity and also periods of missing time.

This book “LOOK UP” My Encounters with ETs & Angels has been a long time in the making. The author mentions right at the outset, “I have wanted to write this book for many years but the star people kept saying “Not yet”. On January 11th 2013, the doorway opened to reveal the truth about extraterrestrials, angels and ascended masters.” She further states, “It took many years for me to understand my connection with ETs and angels. All of my encounters have been positive ones; most negative experiences are people that are in fear and by negative exaggeration from Hollywood. This is one of the reasons why I am writing this book, to stop the fear and lies about our Star family”.

The author is clearly on a mission to tell us the truth about ETs and angels and the role they have to play in the process of awakening humanity and helping in the ascension process. To that end, it is clear that the phenomenal number of synchronicities experienced by the author, would, a couple of decades ago, have been dismissed as wishful melodramatic hogwash. Today, courtesy the plethora of books and information on the subject, many more readers and writers alike, some cautiously and some less so, are rejoicing in and reclaiming the freedom of their own multidimensional existence.
Her work with drumming and composing music took her to Florida where she underwent several instances of missing time. Later on, she discovered what actually transpired during these incidents during a hypnotherapy session with Dolores Cannon. By this time, she had become a Reiki master, the use of crystals and natural herbs in healing. She is “instructed” to go to Egypt and the trip turns out to be very fulfilling, she accessed some past lives there and acquired the inspiration to create a CD aimed at activating and healing the chakras. The journey to Egypt is followed by a journey to Mayan country, where she also uncovers past lives as a Mayan high priestess. The journey to Mayan country is also the source of inspiration for another CD, Mayan Landing. Both the Chakra CD and the Mayan Landing CD went on to become bestsellers and also awarded with high honors. During this time, Devara also adopts her Native American name “ThunderBeat”.
What a fun, inspiring, interesting and informative journey! Devara's ThunderBeat account of her many interactions with “ETs” is a beautiful story.
This book is also extremely instructive as a handbook on how to deal with ET’s and other aliens. Highly Recommended.  5 Stars! or
Review by Kevin Burns UFO Digest

BOOK $17.00
PDF $9.00


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