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“Chakra Journey ~
Awakening the Chakras

This book unfolds the ancient knowledge of chakras to awaken your true spirit and advance your soul.

  • What are Chakras, Auras, and Kundalini
  • Naturally Heal Yourself and Others
  • Develop Your Psychic Abilities
  • Past Lives
  • Karma

For thousands of years The Ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks, Romans, Mayans, and Aborigines of many lands used the chakra system as an integrated part of holistic healing in there daily lives. As these ancient civilizations were conquered, vast libraries of knowledge were destroyed. Only a few remnants of their information on the chakra system have survived - either through the preservation of ancient texts by sacred priesthoods, or orally from generation to generation. Click here to purchase. PDF version also available.


This CD is specially designed for massage, yoga, relaxation and meditation. Each musical track focuses on a Chakra starting from the Root Chakra "Red" (musical key of C) ascending up to the Crown Chakra "Purple" (musical key of B).

It activates, clears and balances your Chakras, which helps relieve stress, emotional blockages, fears and pain while expanding your awareness and inducing stability and grounding.

"Chakra Journey" Total Time: 60 minutes
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"Visual Sound Healing" Awaken the mind, body and soul. This DVD Activates and balances each Chakra.  Experience beautiful sunsets, waterfalls, dolphins, Jungles, auroras, crop circles, and sacred sites.Proven to help colic babies sleep through the night.  Music from the Award Winning Chakra Journey CD. 49 Minutes.

Click here to purchase "Chakra Journey" DVD


Beautiful Chakra Poster with Quan Yin

Information includes: function for each Chakra, Colors of the Chakras, The stones, gems, and minerals for each Chakra. Fragrance / Aromas for each Chakra. Elements and musical keys for each Chakra.

Click here to purchase the Chakra Poster



Awareness is the key to expanding your Ray of Light and moving towards freedom. It is the awareness of yourself of your every action and how you see life. Awareness allows you to see old patterns so that you can make new choices. You can decide whether or not to stay on a path or a relationship when old unhealthy patterns emerge. Your level of awareness allows you to know that there is something else in life besides that which is presented by the belief system of everyday life. ThunderBeat's Healing Session will help you expand your awareness.

Personal Chakra Sound Healing Sessions

  • Release past emotional issues
  • Relieve stress
  • Relieve pain
  • Remove negative programming
  • Improve memory – Sleep more restful
  • Get in touch with the core of your being
  • Activate new DNA / RNA strands
  • Merge into your higher self
Healing Sessions also Include: Clearing, Activating and Balancing your Chakras, Reiki, Suggested Natural Herbs if needed and followed by an Intuitive Reading.

$90.00 per session, call for scheduling – 928.848.1136 (Group Discounts available)


What People are Saying about Chakra Journey

I was so moved by the samples that I’ve told many other healers and shopkeepers. Karen walk in the Woods LLC After listening to your Chakra Journey CD It is a Must have. It has enriched my Soul and my work Karen Moore Hypnotherapies, Therapeutic Massage, Stress Management Vale Terrace Dr Vista CA 92084 I Felt it deep in my Soul… Shirley John Author / Therapist Fall Brook Ca. A wonderful Soothing CD to do massage, It Relaxes and Heals the therapist as well as the client I Loved It….Michelle Star Holistic Health Practitioner Sedona AZ

Dear Thunderbeat,
In using this profound CD (Chakra Journey) as a tool to expand beings consciousness, as well as helping them clear negative energy fields , this is a must have tool for anybody doing healing and/or light work. I use this Cd to assist beings to learn how to meditate as well utilizing this tool in teaching workshops and my Oriental Medicine Clinic.
Dr. David Weiss
Sound Healer/Doctor of Oriental Medicine/Meditation & Qi-gong Teacher/Manifester of Light

I was very moved by your Chakra Journey contribution and actually experienced a wonderful emotional release I had been having a hell of 3rd quarter moon, and I’m writing a review on This CD reinforces their own “being here for others,” and it will underscore your CD's usefulness to healers and Therapies/massage.

I was impressed with the your equal attention to each Chakra and keeping each track in the context of the Chakra system as a whole. The tracks flowed nicely one after the next, and I felt Chakra ascension in tonal timbres, and expressiveness as well as according to musical key.
I’m anxious to hear your other CD’s for review as well. I Will put this review in all the local holistic newspaper. Brother Tom Holistic Magazine Reviewer

Moi-RA and I like what you are doing and the depth and breadth of your services to assist people to awaken through music is admirable and wonderful and most creative and we will help you all we can to be very successful!
Dr. RA-Ja 'Merk' Dove Taos New Mexico

Chakra Journey is exactly what I've been looking for to insert into our gift packaging of Charka related products. After investigating the CD market for a similar type I've found only a few that I would recommend and redistribute to my clients.
Catherine O'Connor
Quintessence, Inc.

Man, You have worked your butt off!!! I am so proud of you!!. Thank you for thinking of me. Love Lighthawk

I am one of the judges in the INATS Visionary Arts awards.
I want to commend you for Chakra Journey, your CD.
I feel the concept and intention is very strong: Leslie Goldman


For Scheduling and Information Call 928.848.1136 or E-mail   
(Group Discounts Available)

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