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Rhythmic drumming induces meditative states and has been used in combination with chanting since ancient times in the Hindu, African and Buddhist cultures. Communal drumming creates a sense of belonging, helps people focus and release repressed emotion.  


  • Universally applicable hand drumming techniques!
  • African, Middle-Eastern, Brazilian, Western tribal rhythms!
  • Polyrhythms (group playing with multiple parts)
  • Exercises to Strengthen your Timing, Technique, Concentration, and Speed!
  • Variations and Fills
  • and MUCH MORE!


  • Tons of FUN!
  • Relaxing & Relieves Stress
  • Unity & Community
  • Musical & Creative Expression
  • Tap into Primal instinct and Trance
  • Healthy Fitness Activity
  • Help Build Self-Esteem                     

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Drumming is a powerful spiritual skill practiced by Native Americans and other indigenous peoples of the Earth for thousands of years. Whether you drum for personal meditation, with a group or in sacred ceremony, drumming will help you feel more connected with Mother Earth and your ancestral roots.

ThunderBeat’s drum book will help you develop... Rhythm, Coordination, Timing, and Balance

The book includes traditional rhythms from global cultures... African, Middle Eastern, Cuban, and Caribbean

This exciting new drum method makes learning hand drums a breeze. ThunderBeat’s approach is designed to help non-musicians and musicians bring drumming to life. Explore rhythms from around the world, including Africa, Brazil, the Middle East, Caribbean Islands and more.

This book will help you develop the most important skills in drumming rhythm, coordination, timing and balance. Drummming also improves your focus, perception and memory.

There’s a special section for drum circles and groups to help you enhance collaboration with a sense of harmony among the participants.

ThunderBeat has created this book especially for you.

Have fun!

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